Our philosophy of treatment is that we, as humans, are always growing and changing.

Our response to this change needs to be dynamic and not static. At times we may not even notice change and therefore can be unresponsive, trying to use old patterns to conquer new challenges. We see our therapy services as a way of helping people to acquire new skills, learn new responses and work from their strengths. It is our privilege to walk with people through this process of growth and we hope that you will feel empowered to live life fully as we work together.

Arbor offers a full line of mental health services for all ages. We provide both short-term assessment services to help identify particular treatment needs, as well as ongoing treatment in a variety of modalities. We also help interface with other treatment team providers as requested by our clients.

We understand that making the decision to seek therapy is an important one and we work closely with our clients to be sure that the clinician they choose and the services they seek are the best fit for their needs.

Every person has the capacity to tap into his or her strengths to create an authentic and meaningful life.
— Laura Bauhof, clinician

Our List of Services

We understand that making the decision to seek therapy is an important one and we work closely with our clients to be sure that the clinician they choose and the services they seek are the best fit for their needs. The following services are offered to assist our clients.For more information or to schedule an appointment, click here to contact us.


Individual Therapy

For many issues, working together one-on-one with a therapist can help you to set and meet your personal treatment goals.  Our clinicians will help you assess your strengths and areas for desired growth, determine your goals and then work with you to outline a plan to help you reach them.


Family Therapy

At times, working with the entire family or a subset of your family is the best way to approach interpersonal issues or patterns that may not be working for you. Our clinicians will work alongside families to help them identify beneficial and harmful patterns of interaction and to help family members explore alternative ways of “being together” which can enhance communication and problem-solving.


Couples Therapy

The journey of being a couple is a dynamic one. Sometimes a static approach to life together does not allow for the change and growth which is inevitable in the individuals that make up a couple. Meeting together with your spouse or significant other, our clinicians can help identify patterns, bring new understanding and teach alternative skills to help work through areas where you may be stuck in relating with each other.


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluations

Often parents wonder if their children are dealing with something more than just being a kid. Lost papers, falling grades, inattention, comments from teachers, all may be adding up to something more. Our psychologists will do a comprehensive evaluation to determine if ADHD may be a factor affecting your child’s school and home performance. This assessment generally takes four sessions and incorporates parent and teacher input, testing and a feedback session.


Learning Disability Evaluations

At times, poor academic performance can be an indicator of something deeper. Learning disabilities can be a frustrating and embarrassing difficulty for children and adolescents, especially when they go undiagnosed. Our psychologists work alongside parents to determine if there are any developmental or processing issues which may be impacting their child’s school performance. Additionally, they will provide a written report and interact with the school personnel if requested by parents.


Intelligence Testing

From time to time some school settings will request evaluations for proper placement in a school or in a specific class achievement level. Using a variety of measures, our psychologists will assess intellectual ability and make necessary recommendations based on their findings.


Emotional & Personality Assessments

Many of our clinicians will utilize a variety of tools with our clients to help them better understand some of their own innate tendencies. Personality assessments can assist clients in developing a broadened understanding of the way their natural tendencies may affect their behavior and their interaction in relationships. Emotional assessments can be helpful in determining the degree to which things like anxiety and depression can be impacting one’s life and level of functioning.


Parenting Support & Guidance (toddlers through adolescence)

Several of our clinicians offer support to parents on a number of issues. Parenting is a very developmental process and often the tools needed for each developmental age can take us by surprise. Our clinicians are skilled at helping parents negotiate the ever-changing landscape of their ongoing relationship with their child or teen.


Consultation with Medical Professionals

Upon client request, each of our clinicians will coordinate care and services with other members of your medical or mental health treatment team. Please note that this service requires a release of information from the client for any information which is shared.


Presentations & Workshops

Our clinicians also serve as a speaker’s bureau for community and church events.  Each clinician offers a variety of topics  which are highlighted on our Workshops and Presentations page.