Mental Health Services

When feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just navigating life transitions, there are times when each of us may need help, but asking for help is not always easy. Our stream-lined intake process and broad array of services can help make your decision to work through issues much less difficult. At Arbor, we are dedicated to helping you grow, thrive, and reach your potential.

therapyPresentations & Workshops

We highly value our connection with the community and are available to assist your business, school, church or civic group with presentations and workshops on a wide variety of topics. Whether it is a one-time presentation or a series of events, we will work alongside you to cater each presentation to the specific needs of your organization.

empathySocial Skills Groups

One of our most successful groups, the Social Skills Group allows young boys to set and reach goals in learning and negotiating their social environment. By helping children become aware of how their behavior affects others and how to identify and express feelings, and by teaching new behaviors which promote positive relationships, this group promotes valuable life skills.